Glossary, mid-July, 2013

an anatomy of key memes, phrases and obsessions in Wall Street Journal editorials and other precincts of the GOP blogosphere, July 3, 2013-July 16, 2013

agenda-driven.  What the Koch Bothers, among other Tea Partiers, call any investigative journalism that supports climate change theory, environmental and other regulation, and corporate taxes or liability.

extraneous: the House GOP’s characterization of everyone on food stamps.

fiat: any Obama administration ruling or policy. (aka, “end run”)

the Fourth Branch: the federal bureaucracy. Almost certainly illegitimate, probably illegal and surely unconstitutional.

King FDR V-VI. The Obama administration.

race baiting: anytime the Dems bring up race (aka, “playing the race card”).  If it’s meant as bait to get the GOP to over-react, the GOP’s response is to ignore or airbrush the race question. Curiously, “justice is blind” could be attributed to either side because it has a double meaning.

rammed through: any successful Obama administration legislation.

relief: Boehner talk for  repealing Obamacare. Supposedly, Americans are choking for “relief” from such totalitarian concepts as universal coverage, no exclusions based on pre-existing conditions, and insurance not tied to a job.

sidewalk as weapon: according to George Zimmerman’s lawyer, Trayvon Martin “weaponized” the sidewalk. So any black man out for a walk should be considered armed and dangerous?

victim community: defenders of civil rights, voting rights, equal justice and racial equality. An other variant on “playing the race card” and “race-baiting”.

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