Glossary, June 1-23, 2013

answers: what the populace is supposedly “demanding” from the Obama administration in regards to the Four Scandals. In the GOP infinite regree machine, the more “answers” the Obama administration provides on any of the four topics, the more questions are raised. (see also: “demanding”)

cap and trade: stalking horse for redistributionism and shackling energy producers and corporate “job creators”.

court packing: any Obama judicial nomination. Synonyms with “regulatory overreach”.

demanding: (verb): the American public’s quenchless thirst for “accountability” from Obama. The more they get, the more they seem to “demand,” like some deranged beast. The “demand” side always exceeds the supply side.

distracted: any talk of economic recovery, all intended to veer attention away from the sacred Three Scandals. At some very recent point in the GOP rhetorical bubble, improving economic data became the distraction, but “Benghazi” is never seen as a distraction and dry hole.

shakedown: what HUD does to banks to get them to lend more to minorities.

shamnesty: GOP shorthand for any “pathway to citizenship” for current immigrants.

the truly needy: the wedge term to justify the exclusion of hundres of thousands of food stamp recipients. Synonymous with “the truly desperate”.

upward mobility: the American Dream, always hamstrung by the “welfare state” and “government regulation,” never by corporate greed or economic stagnation.

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