Demonized and Lionized, April 20-May 1, 2013

Demonized                                                    thought crime

Janet Napolitano DHS bullet hoarding
Fisker Automotive DOE loans; thinking that “green energy” has any viable future
Gaby Giffords “gun grabber”
Lindsey Graham Even daring to venture the opinion that Obama’s budget might be a “place to start on a grand bargain”.
Kathleen Sibelius Prevention and Public Health Fund monies used  for “local bike-path, community-gardening, and pet-neutering projects; to lobby for soda taxes; and to pay for $300 million in TV-ad spots designed to resign the American people to their fates under Obamacare.
Joe Scarborough Daring to oppose the NRA on gun control


Lionized                                                          heroic framing

George W. Bush Suddenly comparable to Harry Truman in stature. Fighting AIDS in Africa often cited as signal accomplishment.
Robert Rubio Re-assuring GOP critics on is immigration stance by saying it’s Ok to racial profile Muslim students
Ted Cruz Only about 100 days into his first Senate term, is already being touted as next GOP Presidential pick

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