Glossary, March 16-April 4, 2013

an anatomy of key memes, phrases and obsessions in Wall Street Journal editorials and other precincts of the GOP blogosphere, March 16-April 4, 2013

accumulated social capital: everything the “dependency, decadence” and “demographic decline” will undo.

background checks: the camel’s nose under the tent for the intrusion of the government into every aspect of life

built environment: federal government plans to force development away from the suburbs and into the cities (see also, “smart policies”)

continuing resolution: perhaps the only way to stop ObamaCare

economic growth: once you get when you remove “fairness” and “rights” as guiding principles

infanticide: Planned Parenthood

juggernaut: always modified “gay marriage”

grandiose: ObamaCare and taking credit for the Arab Spring

greedy: the inevitable modifier of “bosses” and “unions”. Also, the “goons” responsible for Stockton’s bankruptcy.

inflexible: Congressional Democrats (aka, “Obamabots”)

marriage culture=traditional culture

panic: what the climate change folks are all about

Predator In Chief

punitive political correctness—a totally secular state

the sacred procreative essence of marriage. Without it, all we get is human rubble

Scandinavians: shorthand for godless believers in procreation without marriage or marriage without procreation

self-insulating elite

smart policies:The Obama administration wants to force so-called smart growth policies on the country: get out of your car, stay out of the suburbs, move into small, tightly-packed urban apartment complexes, and walk or take public transportation instead of driving.

ultimate security guarantor: what the US is and always will be. This is not in any way to be interpreted as a “burden”.

US military: Obama’s cultural laboratory where social change can be fast-tracked without the messiness of dealing with Congress

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