Demonized and Lionized, March 4-15, 2013

Demonized                 Thought Crime

Rand Paul Kristol: “fear-mongering kookiness” in drone filibuster
Detroit first major US city brought down by welfare queens and union bosses; an “incorrigible, deadbeat” government
Eric Holder Race-baiting demagogue masquerading as a “pseudo constitutionalist”
Big banks the ultimate recipients of crony capitalism
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) stalking horse for feminazis
Paul Krugman Consistently arguing for deficits & stimulus bills, not austerity
 Gina McCarthy (EPA nominee) WSJ: Over the last four years running the EPA’s air office, Ms. McCarthy has been a notably willful regulator, even for this Administration. Her promotion is another way of saying that Mr. Obama has given up getting Congress to agree to his anticarbon agenda, especially given the number of Senate Democrats from coal or oil states. The real climate fight now is over the shape of forthcoming rules that could be released as early as this summer, and a brutal under-the-table lobbying campaign is now underway.….Ms. McCarthy has been integral in abusing laws that were written decades ago in order to achieve climate goals that Congress has rejected, all with little or no political debate. Someone should ask her about her antidemocratic politics at her confirmation hearings.
 R.I Senator Paul Whitehouse  Carbon tax
Paul Ryan Proposing a budget that envisions any tax increases, even in the form of clsing loopholes

Lionized                                                      Heroic Word or Deed

Rand Paul His anti-drone filibuster is a) The greatest blow for liberty since Paul Revere’s ride, a veritable “political earthquake” b) the resurgence of the Tea Party, c) the day someone finally stood up to Obama and exposed his two-faced foreign policy. Elevated to status as one of Three Horsemen of the GOP’s new branding, along with Senators Lee and Cruz.
John Mattis (US Marine General) publicly dismissing US sanctions against Iran as ineffectual
Jeff Sessions Coming out strongly against food stamps and other nutritional programs
 Natural law  the anti-Sheryl Sandberg meme: the liberal elite’s war on “the natural law of the maternal instinct”
Paul Ryan Proposing a plan that would balance the budget within ten years

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