Glossary, February 1-14, 2013

an anatomy of key memes, phrases and obsessions in Wall Street Journal editorials and other precincts of the GOP blogosphere, Feb. 1-14, 2013

efficiency-oriented reform: no tax hikes or federal regulation.

energy regulation:  aka, forced economic contraction

fawning: any media outlet that does not openly attack the Obama administration or Congressional Democrats

fiscal gimmicks: any attempt by the Obama administration to influence fiscal policy, whether around spending, tax cuts, minimum wage, or job creation. health care, climate change, job creation, or education. See also “political pressure”.

growing world turmoil:  the ever-mounting state of threat to America from everywhere, always caused by “emboldened enemies” and Obama’s “leading from behind”.

modernizing entitlements:  either cutting or means-testing Medicare. Aka, “entitlement reform”, “Medicare efficiencies”.

online education: the stalking horse for turning colleges and universities into voc-tech institutions, all under the shibboleth of “increased access to higher ed”.

political pressure:  any attempt by the Obama administration to influence domestic policy, whether around health care, climate change, women’s rights, or education. See also “fiscal gimmicks”. Aka, “steamrolling the opposition”.

so-called rich: the much-bullied group of multimillionaires whose estates are subject to inheritance taxes or whose annual income of $400,000 is now subject to a tax rise.

spending scheme: (aka, “subsidy honeypot”). Any initiative or bill put forth by the Democrats. Must always be called a “scheme”—never just a proposal or plan.

trial lawyer: anyone attorney leading a civil or criminal suit against a corporation. Can never be referred to simply as lawyers.

unleashed: any federal regulators, especially in Obama’s second term

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