Demonizing and Lionizing: The Right’s Orwellian Morality Play

The Politiscripting of the Right proceeds in binaries: freedom vs government; makers. vs. takers;  free markets vs. regulation; laissez-faire vs. redistribution, self-reliance vs. communitarianism, etc.

The Wall Street Journal, The National Review, Red State and The Weekly Standard are critical sources of fuel for stoking this “versus” state of mind by perpetually offering up galleries of the demonized the lionized. For example, between Jan. 18-31, here is a partial cast list for this unceasing morality play:

The Demonized: Hillary Clinton, Chuck Hagel, Barack Obama, Mary Jo White, Richard Cordray, Jack Lew, the NLRB, Ben Bernanke.

The Lionized: Republican governors Bobby Jindal, Pat McCrory, Mike Pence, Susana Martinez, Dave Heineman and John Kasich; Art Laffer; Marco Rubio; Stanford economist John Taylor.

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