Glossary, mid-December, 2012

A selection of key memes, phrases and obsession in Wall Street Journal editorials, Dec. 9-Dec. 18, 2012

coercion: any Obama administration strategy or tactic for policy or fiscal reform. (see also “serious and specific”)

good-faith negotiations: no tax increases.

government benefits:  federal incentives not to work: disability, unemployment, food stamps.

harm to the economy:  any Obama fiscal or tax policy proposal. See also “pro growth”

funneling: putting  union dues  into the hands of liberal politicians.

health care insurance exchanges: “centralized,” interventionist, hyper-regulatory”  (see also, “nimble and useful”). Always “coercive”.

lawmaker: “someone whose job it is to spend other people’s money.” “Making businesses pay more is good sport in the halls of Washington”.

monopoly wages: aka, a living wage. Even though right-to-work states average 10% lower wages, the republicans argue that the higher wages in union states are due solely to the unions’ “monopoly power”. Living wages are “extracted from industry”—economic equality being neatly paralleled to strip mining. Generally, any initiatives or policies put forth by the unions are characterized as abusive “monopoly” power.

nimble & useful: private insurance companies (see also “health care insurance exchanges”)

Obamacare: a farce.

offshoring profits:  a “corporate duty”—rational and patriotic behavior.

onerous : any and all cuts to the defense budget

pro-growth: any Republican fiscal or tax proposal. All of Washington is characterized as “anti-growth”

serious and specific: any Republican fiscal or tax proposal

soaking the rich:  The Democrats’ ultimate wet dream.

tax reform:  lowering taxes; never defined as eliminating deductions

thuggishness: any tactics or strategies of labor union to maintain workers’ right

trench warfare: what the Republicans need to engage in for the next two years. Never negotiate.

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