Glossary: Key memes, counterfactuals, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, June 22-27, 2016

affirmative action: the Dems’ sordid business of sorting by race. Shame on them for dividing rather than uniting America. Note that the idealistic goal of achieving equal opportunity has been turned on its head by this rhetorical sleight-of-hand , so that idealism becomes cynical and actually sordid–meaning dirty, corrupt, and shameful. What is an attempt to address and counter the deep historical roots of racism and segregation is instead likened to a cynical con game. Counter to GOP claims that racism is over in America, the need for affirmative action remains as great today as it was 60 years ago. Yet the GOP/Tea Party continues to try to whitewash and oversimplify the past, present and future of race relations in America.

constitutional conservatism: bedrock American values of individual liberty, limited government, and unregulated free markets. Tea Party nostalgia for a lost utopia that never existed.

ethnic identity: tribalism that is unacceptable in a pluralistic society. If identity is your identity, then your primary identity better be American. America First!

green crony capitalism: taxpayer subsidies for smug, holier-than-thou, super-elite climate alarmists

in some sense: Trump’s “reprehensible” rhetoric that really isn’t so bad, and often points to deeper truths. Tea Partiers often frame their defense of Trump in terms of “I don’t agree with how he says things,” or “I don‘t agree with everything he says,” when they actually, sometime secretly, love how he says things and agree with everything he says. So they’ll say, “in some sense,” or “in some ways” what he says is unacceptable, but the “sense” or “ways” they’re staking moral claims to are actually antithetical to their sense of free speech–they just can’t quite bring themselves to be as honest as Trump.

jump-starting the economy: always tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, never stimulus packages. Other euphemisms for tax cuts for the rich include “tax sanity,” “fairness” and “simplicity”. When these terms are used by the Tea Party/GOP, the only “simplicity” they’re talking about is more money in the pockets of the wealthy, and the only “fairness” is based on the idea that the rich should be left on their own to make as much money as possible since they’ve “earned” it. This idea of “fairness” strips away the moral notion of “fair” as being just and equitable, leaving only the unfettered, absolutist playground bullying idea of “fairness” as meaning being able to do whatever you want to .

morally distasteful: what the Dems consider anything morally necessary, especially in regards to domestic and national security  or immigration reform.

politicized cultural liberalism: gun control, abortion, immigration. Rank partisanship masquerading as public policy.

racial profiling: common sense.

religious liberty: church-sanctioned bigotry.

Trumpism: Created by the hyper-partisan,  unconstitutional overreach of Barack Obama.

ungracious: any immigrant who complains about or criticizes America, especially those who criticize job creators and great patriots such as Donald Trump.


Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, January 12-18, 2016

abusers: Bill and Hillary. Trump clearly is not interested in justice, truth, or any sort of linguistic precision. In feminist theory, abuse is much more widely defined than being sexual. Rather, even physical abuse is a manifestation of much wider patterns and practices of misogyny,  inequality, the bullying use of power dynamics, social privilege, etc. Even though  Hillary’s political positions work to counter these deeper forms and drivers of abuse, whereas Trump’s perpetuate them, Trump can still benefit from playing the “abuse” card.

American flag: a symbol of hate to Dems hellbent on historical revisionism.

diversity: white genocide

ethnic identity: has replaced character as the predominant emotion and social strategy among unlawful immigrants.

illegal immigrant champions: well-connected urban elites using poor and illegal immigrants to boost their own careers.

lawless: The Obama presidency, from start to finish. The GOP strategy to delegitimize Obama from the very beginning of his presidency by never voting for any of his policies.

political correctness: is killing us, according to Ted Cruz.

political issues: any discussion of Black Lives Matter or income inequality. Dismissively and reflexively reducing inequality and poverty to mere “political issues” denigrates and undercuts them. When someone characterizes dissent as “just political,” they are in effect saying that it is one-sided, distorted, and essentially disingenuous.

the poverty-industrial complex: education in America, and all the self-serving bureaucrats and teachers’ unions that have destroyed American education and perpetuated poverty and inequality.

racial issue: any charge–or any conversation–about so-called police violence. Charges of police misbehavior are always about race, never about policing.

salad bowl: has replaced the multiracial melting pot as the dominant immigrant narrative in the US because the current generation of immigrants refuses to be part of American culture or American values and insists on “multiculturalism,” aka “diversity:”see above.” Resentment has replaced assimilation, a sense of entitlement has replaced gratitude.

unapologetic: a key feature of a robust US foreign policy. Apologies are a sign of weakness and retreat.

ungracious: Obama’s general attitude toward anyone who disagrees with him. In Tea Party logic, “graciousness” means surrendering to their positions–everything else is truculence and shows a general lack of “dignity” and “class.” Calling Obama ungracious carries the subtext that he is uncivilized–Kenyan, in fact.