Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Feb. 16-21, 2016

court packing: Obama’s deluded belief that he can appoint the next Supreme Court justice

classless society: what America was until the liberals seized control under FDR and sowed the seeds of envy, class warfare, and redistributionist blackmail. Upward mobility has  been eliminated in America, and we thus are stuck in a quasi-socialist, Euro-style class-driven doldrums.

the cognoscenti : the super elite Dems and their dogma that we will all be saved by expansive government spending, globalization free trade, and combined with a comprehensive and overarching regulatory regime. They always think they know best.

the democratic process: works when the outcome favors Tea Party policies or aims. For example, it applies to “letting the people” rather than the sitting President, decide on the next Supreme Court justice, even if the President has a constitutional duty to do so.

divisive: any extreme Dem policy position or ideology, including reparations, climate change, political correctness, evolution, gay rights, etc. aka, “identity politics.”

As pointed out in a recent New York Times Magazine column by Wesley Morris, this term used to mean “something worth arguing about. ”  Now it’s always modified with “too”, meaning that the subject is too controversial to discuss. This is a weaponized, master rhetorical trope used to marginalize–as in make toxic– almost any of President Obama’s policies or statements. When the Tea Party says that something is “too divisive,” or that the Dems are  playing a “card” (“race card,” “war-against-women card,” etc), they are signalling that the Dems are opportunistically polarizing the nation in order to demonize the Tea Party. Every subject that threatens the Tea Party is thus too fraught , polarizing, or sensitive, and so should be “taken off the table.” So “divisive” now means subjects we can’t even talk about because they have no authority or basis in fact. By calling everything threatening “divisive,” the Tea Party is actually further dividing the country. Of course, Tea Party shibboleths or God Terms–trickle down economics, free enterprise, Creationism and Intelligent Design, etc.–are accepted as fixed, eternal, unchallengeable truths, like the Bible.

The Geneva Convention: tying our troops’ hands behind their backs.

hate speech: what used to be called an honest disagreement, before the pc police took over.

honest disagreement: a polite way of saying we disagree, you’re wrong, but I’ll create the pretense of impartiality.  A corollary is to say “honest people can disagree,” which is slightly different in that it acknowledges your opponent to be honest, if stupid. When “honest people disagree,” the rhetorical deck is always stacked in favor of the speaker.

partisan gamesmanship: any Obama political appointment or policy. If he really is interested in bipartisan compromise, he will appoint a conservative to the Supreme Court. So Dems are engaged in gamesmanship when they act to their political advantage, but when the Tea Party does so it’s called “compromise” or “principled.” A Tea Party “compromise” always means they get their way.

police: neutered by the Obama-Beyonce axis of political correctness and racial pandering.

the work ethic and honest labor: tools of bondage and oppression, according to Dems and the Black Lives Matter crowd,