Glossary: Key memes, counterfactuals, dog whistles, canards, euphemisms, innuendoes, insinuations, fake outrages and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Sept. 18-22, 2016

community organizer: community agitator.

considered: what the lamestream media calls Hillary’s cautious, boring, stock responses to terrorism, such as “we will continue to work with our allies.” Behind the anodyne platitudes, Hillary is actually “considering” ways to not blame radical Islam for these attacks. “Considered” Dem responses are always politically correct ways to find political safe spaces.

divided country: what has happened to America under Obama, the Great Divider. This ominous label makes pluralism, dissent, and democracy sound like nuisances, nuisances that a Trumpian resurgent nationalism will do away with.

free speech: what radical Muslims take advantage of to organize, proselytize and plan terror campaigns. Disposable in the War on Terrorism.

“hands up, don’t shoot” pandering: blaming the police.

the Islamist reality: the clear and present danger of any Muslim in America, justifying any racial profiling as a national security measure. Any Muslim could be a sleeper cell.

market distortions: subsidies to the poor; allocation of resources by need or equity (aka, redistributionism); any considerations of the role of power in public policy decision making and social choice; any talk of “winners and losers”; any talk of culture or values.  Market-only purists assume that the free play of private interests best promotes maximum social well-being. God proposes, the market disposes, and everyone wins, in the aggregate at least. Every market change leaves society better off , by definition.  Maximization of wealth, however, does not mean maximization of happiness, human welfare, or equity. (see “the public interest, below). 

news: to the lamestream media, whatever information is necessary to arrive at politically correct facts or conclusions. As Victor Davis Hanson explains in the National Review, the lamestream media is made up of

progressive hit men in the public-employee unions, the news ministries, the pajama-boy bloggers, the race industry, and the open-borders lobbies

positive hope and change: things that bring us together, not pull us apart. In other words, symbolic policies without any real hope for any real change. So-called “positive hope and change” assure that white privilege is never undermined or even called into question. It’s a totally fictional leap into an imaginary “post-racial” world.

post -racial: post-American.

the public interest: a liberal phantom that gets in the way of the maximization of private utility.

racists: people who call others racist. Since we live in a post-racist world, calling someone a racist is by definition a slur. This brilliant undercutting of even the possibility of any truth claims for the word itself means that even overtly racist acts of violence can now be called “unbridled patriotism” or “standing up for America”.

to the victor go the spoils: Donald Trump’s foreign policy, in a nutshell, thus justifying re-invading Iraq to take their oil, for example. Wars of conquest will see a resurgence under Trump as the US becomes the kind of rogue state that used to be our enemy.

urban riots: under a black President, the new normal whenever police have to use their guns.

We The People: the authenticity of the people, as opposed to the illegitimacy of the government. Tea Partiers assume that government was imposed or immaculately conceived,  never established or sanctioned by the Founders.