Lies, Distortions and Doublethink in the Wall Street Journal, Jan 6-7, 2017

The biomedical complex demonizes corporations and venerates academics. This prejudice has produced billions of wasted research hours and money because the true innovations come from the private sector.  We need to trust corporate research to guarantee safe medications because the corporations can police themselves.

The whole notion of “hate crimes” should be eliminated. The hate-crime label diminishes actual crimes and promotes different standards of justice for different victims. It politicizes crime. Charges should be based on criminal law, not politics. Calling something a “hate crime” only leads to more hate because everyone distrusts the politicization of criminality and blames the other side.

The Republicans’ free market solution to health care will excite the public by making health care more affordable, accessible and portable. Tax credits, entitlement reform, freer insurance markets, portable policies and fewer mandates will translate into a radically-improved health care system. Just  leave it to the market.

Lamestream media criticism of Trump or his followers on Inauguration Day would be undignified. The people should be allowed to express their support without being belittled or mocked by the media.

Obamacare and his economic policies are dismal failures, rejected by the electorate in a landslide election. Obamacare has done nothing but constrain economic growth and infringe freedom.

The US should either stop paying UN dues altogether or at least drastically cut back on funding UN peacekeeping operations, which are little more than full employment for humanitarian organizations that are essentially just caterers.




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