Lies, Distortions, and Doublethink in the Wall Street Journal, Jan. 3-4, 2017

Chicago’s murder rate is largely caused by the demonization of the police by city and federal politicians and bureaucrats.

The UN is telling Israel that it must give up land captured in a defensive war. This is the first time in history  this has happened. Why is the winner of a war required to give the loser their own country? Why is the winner of the war being asked to commit political suicide?

The US should no longer support the UN, which has stood by while the slaughter of innocents goes on in Syria and also has turned virulently against Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East.

Higher minimum wages are job killers. The more workers are paid, the more disadvantaged they are.

Liberal institutions, such as a free press, constitutional courts and individual rights are often obstacles to effective government.

So-called “government watchdogs” are really just progressives posing as lovers of transparency but actually only advancing their own agendas.

Budget overruns happen because of union rules and unnecessary environmental regulation.

Trump’s cabinet is the most promising in decades because almost all of them are wealthy and so understand that wealth creation is the cornerstone of American society.

In a Judeo-Christian society such as ours, God is the ultimate authority over practical matters, and our policy on Israeli settlements should be considered in a Biblical context.

Racial bias does not cause racial disparities in inc0me. The welfare state has caused more racial disparities than even slavery.

Civil rights leaders claim to be acting in the interests of blacks but are really advancing their own agendas–which usually involve hanging on to power, money and relevance. The needs of the black underclass have nothing to do with the needs of the NAACP.







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