Lies, Distortions and Doublethink in the Wall Street Journal, Dec 28, 2016-Jan 2, 2017

The Obama administration has waged an eight-year war on Israeli sovereignty and even Israeli democracy. This war will end on Jan. 20. Israel is surrounded by enemies whose fondest wish is its elimination. Obama used the smokescreen of “negotiations” to advance the illegal Palestinian claim to disputed territories. Israel is an embattled and bullied democracy.

Mishandled US diplomacy in the middle east foments Palestinian terrorism. Israeli intransigence and expansionism has nothing to do with Palestinian militancy. The feckless US has been an enabler of Palestinian terrorism.

Liberals and progressives like socialism because it eliminates the notion of personal responsibility by eliminating the freedom to fail.

The Obama administration’s so-calledĀ  domestic “war on terrorism” has only amounted to using policemen as human shields, but not going after the real terrorists. Obama’s motto ought to have been “terrorism–not our problem.”

President Obama’s entire post-Presidency is going to consist of whiny, self-justifying excuses for his ruinous presidency.

President Obama rarely accepts that people have honest disagreements with his policies. Instead, he characterizes any such disagreement as racist.

Until Obama undid it, American military strength controlled the world and made possible a productive peace with stable institutions. We need to return to these notions of “America first” and “peace through strength. These memes justify military intervention anywhere in the world; assume that America is always morally in the right, and gloss over America’s military and political failures–Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

A buoyant US economy under Trump will create enough wealth to go our and buy up distressed economies and properties around the world. This will be the real new Pax Americana.

Obama’s last-minute land grab of protected public lands is part of the liberal agenda of shielding land use decisions from public input.

The Labor Department should be renamed the Workforce Department to set the stage for a new, comprehensive workforce strategy to make American business more competitive. The current Labor Department keeps American workers from finding jobs and holds them back once they are employed

Obama’s foreign policy of American retreat has left the world’s authoritarians advancing aggressively. We need to return to a realpolitik of carrying a big stick. This justifies an aggressive US foreign policy that will replace diplomacy with bullying, corruption,and intimidation.


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