Lies, Distortions, and Doublespeak in The Wall Street Journal, Dec 19-20, 2016

Unlike Obama, Trump cannot be intimidated by the Chinese, and will not separate economic from security issues.

Mark Ruffalo and other Hollywood celebrities convinced the EPA to assess that fracking can impact water quality. Liberals denounce anyone who cites uncertainties about carbon’s climate impact as “deniers.” So it’s ironic that they are now justifying their opposition to fracking based on scientific uncertainties. As for the EPA’s science, bending to public comment from litigants and actor Mark Ruffalo does not instill confidence in the agency’s integrity. The so-called “scientific community” of arch environmentalists are the real science deniers because there is no evidence that fracking harms the environment.

Environmental groups used to purchase land for conservation. Now they conscript government to seize it. The Imperial federal land grab is over.

Regulatory risks and costs  are the main driver in the decline of American manufacturing. Under Trump, these risks will go away and the manufacturing sector will boom.


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