Lies, Distortions and Doublespeak in The Wall Street Journal, Dec. 21-22, 2016

Colleges and universities could save a lot of money if they required professors to teach even two classes per year.

The federal government is hellbent on achieving racial balance in housing and other areas,  whether minorities want it or not. The racism that they imagine exists in housing patterns is just that–imaginary. White Americans have never shown any animosity toward neighbors of color, so long as those neighbors seem respectable and able to afford the neighborhood.This obsession with racial balance in housing patterns caused the 2008 Great Recession as banks were forced to make loans to people of color who were poor credit risks. Racial disparities were always interpreted as racial discrimination, even if the would-be borrowers weren’t claiming any racial discrimination. HUD’s view of housing is warped–racial discrimination does not bother minorities as much as liberfals claim it does.

The environmental lobby has moved on from reducing carbon demand–via subsidies for electric cars and solar panels-to opposing any carbon energy.

Donald Trump won the presidency because voters were tired of of assaults on every piza shop owner who dissents from progressive cultural dictates.

The Dems believed that lifting the spirits of the American people with words was more important than delivering results.



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