8 Lies, Distortions, and Doublethink in the Wall Street Journal, Dec. 8-9, 2016

Trump’s madcap tweets and impulses are not impulsive, but calculated.  The truth to Trump is just one of the props in his bag of rhetorical tricks. This is because Trump is a performance artist, like Lady Gaga. His aim is to challenge, subvert, and alter the dominant political paradigm. This approach to charismatic Presidential leadership is the same as practiced by Lincoln, FDR, JFK, and Reagan. The truth to Trump is just one of the props in his bag of rhetorical tricks.

The command-and-control model of environmental regulation, as practiced by the Dem green extremists, is dead. The now lawless, or extra-legal, EPA will once again, under Scott Pruitt, adhere to the Constitution. Trump will do more for the environment than Obama ever did.

GOP state-level attempts to  oppose the Obama administration weren’t based on opposition to Obama’s policies, but to the usurpation of states’ right by the federal government.

Dems call anyone a climate change “denier”,  even if that person mainly disagrees with them on energy policy.

Obama didn’t care much about laws because he was unable to pass any. He turned the states into indentured servants, thus ignoring the federalist bedrock  of America. The EPA was not created to oppose growth and development.

Higher wages actually hurt workers. The Trump Labor Dept. will make sure that workers are protected by never raising the minimum wage, repealing mandated sick leave, reducing mandatory overtime pay guidelines, and eliminating minority hiring practices.

The political allocation of capital into housing was a root cause of the 2008 panic.

Waterboarding works.

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