5 Lies, Distortions and Absurd Reversals, Wall Street Journal, Dec. 3, 2016

  1. Man-made climate change is in no way responsible for increases in natural disasters or world food shortages. Anyone who disagrees with the climate change police is subject to character assassination from the media, academia, and billionaires such as Tom Steyer.
  2. Left-wing activists, such as George Soros, are funding anti-Trump rallies and campaigns. The American Left has made up a bogeyman named Donald Trump, and totally overreacted to his election. As Roger Kimball puts it,

    At least since the Sixties, the left-liberal consensus in America has worked to undermine traditional notions of decency, order, merit, and achievement. So monolithic was that consensus that a sudden reversion to normality came as a terrifying disillusionment. Hence the surreal, paranoid, and tantrum-filled response of the coddled beneficiaries of our society. We think of a mot often attributed to Teddy Roosevelt: “To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.”

  3. There is a morale crisis in the military because of Obama budget cuts that have decimated our military readiness.
  4. boosting mileage requirements leads to more pollution, less auto safety, and economic ruin. Americans only want to buy huge trucks and SUVs.
  5. Obama’s climate gestures were purely symbolic and had no discernible effect on climate. His smug obliviousness to the desires of Americans doomed his administration to failure. Fracking and pipeline jobs will save the American economy.

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