Glossary: Key memes, counterfactuals, dog whistles, canards, euphemisms, innuendoes, insinuations, fake outrages, and obsessions in The Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories and fever swamps, Nov. 8-12, 2016

Barack Obama: the ultimate free-lunch politician, handing out new entitlements like candy.

Clinton Foundation: a bribe pump. Hillary is the Godmother.

deserving: the feeling that those Hillary called the “deplorables” aren’t getting what they deserve, whereas lots of other Americans, especially urbanites, are getting what they don’t deserve.

diversity: apartheid, American-style.

fuel standards: economically unjustifiable nanny state regulations

free (as in free tuition): paid for by others.

opportunity inequality: the new equality challenge: overcome the leveling and crippling stranglehold of teachers’ unions so children can learn 21st century skills in charter and private schools. We need to create a new creative class because you can’t redisribute your way to economic growth or progress.

Paris climate drum circle: the draconian anti-carbon cabal of wealthy environmentalists and self-righteous “green” elites.

political correctness: deference to “victims”: women, minorities, LGBT, etc. We are captives to historical shame that is no longer relevant. Eventually, someone is going to have to tell those “porch  niggers” to find a job. Every deferential gesture–the war on poverty, affirmative action, Obamacare, every kind of “diversity” scheme–only weakens the recipients.

trigger warnings: weaponized offense-taking.

winners and losers: the 2016 election’s winners: Donald Trump, the American people, the US Constitution, Constitutional originalist judges, frackers,  the Keystone Pipeline, the free market, growing the economy instead of growing entitlements, etc.  America is going to win so much it will get sick of winning.

Losers: Hillary Clinton , media, cultural, academic and  green elites,  smug liberals who look down on working people, “climate change”,  LGBT perverts, Black Lives Matter activists, feminazis,  political correctness, progressivism, social engineering,  identity politics, terrorists everywhere, Obamacare, activist judges, free traders and globalists, baby killers, “Pocohantas” Warren, Iran, China, Mexico, arrogant entitlement,

The real winners: corporations, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, bankers and Wall Street, racists, vulgarians, misogynists, nativists and xenophobes,, authoritarians, white supremacists, lobbyists, bullies, the alt-right, coal, fascism, greed, Citizens United,

The real losers:  vanity, hate, arrogance,  recklessness, decency, equity, fairness, moderation, compromise, respect and dignity, the planet Earth, scientific fact, democratic norms, marriage equality, reproductive rights, the rule of law, fuel standards


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