Glossary: Key memes, counterfactuals, dog whistles, canards, euphemisms, innuendoes, insinuations, fake outrages, and obsessions in The Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories and fever swamps, October 20-24, 2016.

Americanism: what used to be taught in schools. Instead, these days it’s all multiculturalism, globalism, and a one-world government. Another casualty of the pc crowd is “American exceptionalism.”

cynicism: the hypocritical heart of Dem idealism. You can never be too cynical about Dem motives.

This is another example of the Tea Party/GOP projecting its own attitudes onto the Dems. It’s a classically cynical ploy to undermine the Dems’ rhetorical moral credibility (ethos).

faux fainting spell: the lamestream media’s hypocritical and entirely artificial high dudgeon over Donald Trump’s locker room talk and threat to not accept an election ;loss. At worst, Trump’s roguish comments are bluster and rank amateur flair.

This aligns with the meme that all Dem moral and ethical idealism is cynical because it is merely market-tested and politically calculating. The underlying assumption is that the Dems have no moral base, thus no basis for judging the morality of others.

feminism: fraud, self-pitying phony victimhood; a dreary and endless gripe, like black grievance; a vile concoction whose sole purpose is to give miserable women an excuse to be miserable.

free market realities: opportunity and prosperity, countering the Obama-Clinton narrative of victimhood, poverty, and economic stagnation. The free market also ends class warfare as all boats are lifted on a rising tide. Upward mobility and prosperity are part of the Great American Dream that the Dems want to kill forever.

The only “reality” is that the “market” was never “free” because institutional inequalities of race, sex, gender and culture always tipped the scale toward the wealthy and privileged. “Making the market great again” is a clarion call for greater inequality, unregulated financial fraud, and environmental disaster. The only American Dream of the Tea Party/GOP is the wet dream of total deregulation.

identity politics: the all-purpose formula that automatically tells you who’s politically correct. “Identity” is almost always used in the same sentence with “power” and “privilege.”  Part of the relentless politicization of the arts. Also part of the grievance industry.

investing in the American public: either 1)maximal taxing of the American people or, 2) the social bribery of welfare, food stamps, paying pregnant teens more working class wages, etc. This plantation economy is sometimes called “racial equality” or “help for the poor”, but is really just a way to help people stay poor and yet harvest Dem votes.

justice: to Dems, nothing but an endless series of coverups and protection rackets for rapists (such as Bill Clinton), drug dealers, and thieves (such as Hillary Clinton). Why are liberals so much more concerned about criminals than about victims? Dems such as the Clintons substitute rules–“get out of jail free” technicalities and casuistry–for justice.

superfluous: any federal agency

“those who”… what cowardly Dems say when they don’t want to single out “the deplorables” by name, so, instead, say things like “those who cling to their guns and religion.”

validity: the only way Hillary can win is  vote-rigging, thus invalidating her election. Since she is a criminal, she has no valid claim to the Presidency, and only a conspiracy of the crooked media, international bankers, and global free traders is keeping her aloft.

In this paranoid, circular, self-validating alt-right conspiracy, everything is of a piece. Facts and evidence only count if they confirm the conspiracy, a family of concepts that fit together. Each item reinforces the others, so you can start anywhere and just work your way through the buzzwords, since each is a synecdoche for the whole: Benghazi, crooked, Whitewater, red line in Syria, Russian reset, illegal immigrants pouring over the border, Obamacare, TPP, etc. Alt-right is an alternative universe. The war on women has turned into a war on reality.

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