Glossary: Key memes, counterfactuals, dog whistles, canards, euphemisms, innuendoes, insinuations, fake outrages and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories and fever swamps, October 5-9, 2016

broad-shouldered: Donald Trump’s “muscular” foreign policy.

Other pertinent adjectives: ruthless, brutal, nationalistic, militaristic

genius: anyone who evades federal income taxes.

If Trump is such a genius, why doesn’t he release all of his tax returns? Why did he conceal his “genius” moves until he was forced to defend them?  Also, what kind of a “genius” loses a billion dollars a year owning casinos?

government: an antidemocratic institution.

This anti-government rhetoric is part of the stupendous national disillusionment that the  Tea Party/GOP represents.

immigration: genocide against the white race.

melting pot:  America is a melting pot, not a salad bowl. Anyone wanting citizenship should assimilate, not elbow their way to the front or think they deserve special treatment. They should get in line and enter the country legally., and not play the “identity” politics game. If they want to be an American they should act and sound like one, and have an American name, not some politicized hyphenated or phony-accented name.

This version of what it means to be an American is a nostalgic , moralistic utopianism. Its greatest delusion is that it is objective and non-ideological. It is the hypocritical universalism that is the luxury of the dominant.

narrow party interests: no longer national interests at least when it comes  to the Dems, who will say and do anything to retain the White House, regardless of how much they harm the country with debacles such as Obamacare, the Iran deal, the Russian “reset”, etc.

Obamacare: the rich subsidizing health care for the poor. Part of the Obama-Clinton master plan for hollowing out the middle class and pandering to the poor in exchange for their votes.

objective morality:  killed off by the liberal notion of moral relativism.

In defense of the indefensible Trumpian license for sexual assault, the standard line of defense goes something like this:

The creep of moral relativism in America has been steady for many decades, increasing in speed to the point that the “slouching toward Gomorrah” has become a sprint. The notion that there is objective truth or absolute morality has been universally panned to the point that everything is tolerated except standards of right and wrong. “Everyone decides for himself what is right, especially when it comes to sex” is the mantra of today’s culture.

For years, Christians in particular have been attacked and silenced as they’ve tried to challenge the immorality that is pervasive in today’s society. When they tell people casual sex is wrong, they get the inevitable, “You have no right to tell me what I can or can’t do.” If they oppose sexual immorality in any form, including adultery, they’re maligned as sanctimonious puritans by lovers of libertinism.

How ironic, then, that a culture which rejects moral standards has suddenly become so pure and pristine, sitting in judgment of someone they deem too immoral to become president because of something he said in private. As a logical person, I have to ask these paragons of newly found virtue where this standard by which they’ve judged Trump is found.

A logical person might conclude that bragging about sexual assault falls within the confines of disqualifying a Presidential candidate on moral grounds, unless the Dems believe that all behavior is permissible. Undaunted, though, in full-on rant mode, these vestiges of the worst strains of censorious American puritanism  conclude:

The fact of the matter is that Judeo-Christian ethics have been driven from our culture and declared a dinosaur from an ancient past. Right and wrong, virtue, morality, goodness—these have been rejected in pop culture, our education system, the media, and politics. We have been told repeatedly that character doesn’t matter because everyone’s values are different. All that matters is an ideological agenda and the power that goes with it.

race, class, and gender: the three Dem pander cards, played whenever they get cornered.

realpolitik: hands-on, muscular  (see “broad-shouldered, above) foreign policy, as opposed to what Charles Krauthammer calls Obama/Clinton’s “pristine and preening disengagement”.

sexual equality: Trump’s “boys will be boys” defense.

It’s OK for Trump to be  a sexual deviant because Bill Clinton is one too.

transnationalism: the Obama-Clinton foreign policy default position that cedes US foreign policy to law professors and global organizations such as the UN and the EU.  The end of American exceptionalism because no nation is allowed to impose its will on others.

truth-telling: Donald Trump is not the average lying politician –he tells it like it is, regardless of what is politically correct.

Of course, truth-telling is not the same thing as telling the truth; it’s more akin to Stephen Colbert’s notion of “truthiness.” By denying that he’s a politician, Trump is using the rhetoric of anti-rhetoric: he’s denying the very thing he has always been.

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