Glossary: Key memes, counterfactuals, dog whistles, canards, euphemisms, innuendoes, insinuations, fake outrages and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Sept. 10-17, 2016

American exceptionalism: goodness through strength. Never apologize. Never use ideals to justify dominance in the zero-sum game of international diplomacy. With Trump, it’s aggressive US nationalism vs. the world, as explained by New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait:

He poses as a barbarian chieftain, promising spoils of war from zero-sum conflicts pitting tribes against one another, both domestically and abroad. He has lamented the Bush administration’s failure to steal Iraq’s oil after the invasion, insists NATO allies should pay more for protection by the U.S., and maintains that he can force Mexico to pay for a border wall it does not want. Trump’s veneration of strength not only fails to rely upon American ideals as justification but also treats those ideals with contempt, which is why the leaders he lavishes with the most fulsome praise are ruling from places like Moscow and Beijing. Trump’s America is like Russia, but bigger and stronger and richer.

backing down: what a US President should never do. Always dominate, never apologize.

bullying: what Hillary does when she attacks the “deplorables”.

ending wars: losing wars, under Obama/Clinton

equality of outcome: the holy grail to liberals, who are economic levelers.  Tea Party/GOPers prefer equality of opportunity, and figure that outcomes will take their natural course as the winners separate themselves from the losers.

love of country: justification for violence at Trump rallies.

Obama: money launderer-in-chief for ISIS.

people: The voice of the people (aka, “the deplorables”) will prevail in overcoming political correctness and electing Donald Trump. “People” are also,Trump’s information sources–almost always unnamed. aka, “some say”.  They almost always traffic in innuendoes and rumors.

cultural condescension: Hillary’s attacks on “the deplorables”. Part of her relentless moral superciliousness and Obama’s political narcissism.

political carve-outs: any Dem patronage.

politics: to Hillary, a market to be conquered.

reducing war. Under Obama, making war more likely. A key Tea Party/GOP meme: peace leads to war.

retreat: Obama/Clinton’s foreign policy. Aka defeat, failure, hobbled, etc. (see “American exceptionalism,” above.)

rules of engagement: onerous shackles making it impossible to win wars any more. Total war a more viable concept.

slush fund: any Dem foundation or political cause.

the truth: what the mainstream media never tells you, so the whole notion of “truth” doesn’t matter any more.

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