Glossary: Key memes, counterfactuals, dog whistles, canards, euphemisms, innuendoes, insinuations, fake outrages and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Sept. 2-6, 2016

appropriate response: Trump’s revised policy on mass deportation: wait “several years” until the border is secured and criminal aliens are deported, then study how to make “an appropriate response” to the remaining 8-10 million undocumented residents (and their kids). This weasel-talk sounds like the muzzled Trump Lite, and is the diametric opposite of his long-held, hard-edged, “deport all 11 million of them immediately” Trump Classic rhetoric.

civil rights: compulsory integration.

criminal aliens: all undocumented immigrants, who, by definition, “bring crime” to America. As Trump put it in his Phoenix immigration speech, if Clinton were elected, America would be inundated by a new wave of illegal immigration that would result in “thousands of more violent, horrible crimes, and total chaos and lawlessness.”Trump has in effect criminalized immigration.

judicial obstacles: what Trump will not permit when he becomes President. All these politically correct legal niceties around subjects like immigrant rights, civil liberties, free speech, and First Amendment rights, will need to be swept away.

law enforcement OR social justice: the stark choice Trump says that all Americans must make on election day. Never a “both and” possibility, but always a zero-sum game. This false dichotomy undercuts the Black Lives Matter movement.

misconduct: Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State. Never mind that she has only been accused by the Tea Party/GOP) , not indicted, tried or convicted.

New York City: Jewville, Zooville, Rapetown.

reduce talk of race: Trump’s appeal to get us into a post-race era. What is the line between avoiding incendiary and divisive language and sweeping the issue under the rug?

restoration: Trump will restore law and order in America–and in the first hour of his presidency! The ever-marauding gangs and murderous illegal immigrants will be rounded up immediately on January 20!

State Church: government officials, journalists, and social scientists and other academics.

truthful hyperbole: Trump’s bargaining technique, as outlined in The Art of the Deal.

us:Trump’s silent majority. Aka, “the forgotten people,” “we.” With Trump, it’s never clear whether he’s referring to “we” and or just “me” (himself.)

war on crime: one of Trump’s multi-front wars. others include: the war on trade, the war on political correctness, the war on the press’s right to self-expression, the war on immigrants, the war on Mexicans and Muslims, etc. His “war on poverty” isn’t so much predicated on directly helping the poor as counting on massive tax cuts for the rich to trickle down to the poor.

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