May 3-21

$7.50-an-hour wage: the first rung on the ladder of opportunity. No matter that the other rungs are cut off or inaccessible.

compromise: defeat

ever-expanding: the federal bureaucracy, by definition.

eye-rolling: any Hillary answer, usually accenting the lie she’s telling,and often in the form of a screamed or hysterical answer.

high value college education: anything that translates into good job prospects. Liberal arts students are stuck with “high price” rather than “high value” educations. Critical inquiry, historical knowledge, and even basic cultural literacy are all discounted in this Gradgrindian calculus that knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.

pragmatist: what Donald Trump will morph into now that he has the GOP nomination secured.  This is really rhetorical shorthand for him disowning or “forgetting” all of the outrageous, divisive  campaign promises that created his electoral momentum.

raid: any government regulation of business, especially consumer protection regulation, which amounts to a “shakedown” of US businesses, and is a form of liberal racketeering.

supply-side structural reforms: radical tax reform and pro-competition regulatory reform. This is an unnecessarily abstruse way of stating the core Tea Party/GOP principles of cut ting taxes and ending government regulation.



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