Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, January 20-27, 2016

alarmists: the “climate change” crowd, Black Lives Matter, the “inequality”-mongering race hustlers, etc. The rhetorical tick here is to call anyone alarmed about something an “alarmist,” imply exaggerated and unwarranted “near- hysteria.”

facts: more significant and substantial than feelings: a man can’t become a woman just because he feels like one. In our neo-romantic, narcissistic age, feelings and subjectivity have been given unwarranted sway.

govern: keep on spending

hereditary Americans: no half-breeds or foreigners.

the new totalitarianism: liberalism, especially Lena Dunham-style feminism, which uses vulgar and obscene shock tactics to corrode and devalue human decency and break all connections with the home, natural families, God, and conscience.

opportunity inequality: the real problem with the American economy, rather than income inequality. This classic non-sequitur changes the subject from income–something measurable–to opportunity, an amorphous panacea. In between actual income and net worth numbers and the notion of an ever-our-of-reach equality of opportunity is the myth of upward mobility: there’s a quick trip up the ladder if you can get on the bottom rungs. In real life, though, if there is a ladder most of the rungs are missing, or reserved for those who already hold power, privilege, money, and social networks.

ordered liberty: preserved only by limiting government because liberty and government are antithetical to one another.

reforms: drastically cutting budgets for environmental protection, public safety, social welfare, women’s health care and reproductive rights, consumer protection, oversight of the finance industry, etc. “Reform” sounds positive, innovative, improving, whereas “budget cuts” sound heartless and draconian.

taxing: taking

unilateral disarmament:  any cuts to the rate of growth of the defense budget, not to the defense budget itself.

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