Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms, fake outrages, and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, October 8-19, 2015

beating up: regulating (the drug companies, the banks, etc.)

big government: any government.

cost-benefit tradeoffs: any regulation that incurs any costs nullifies its supposed benefits. This analysis always overestimates the costs and understates or underestimates or ignores the benefits. For example, clean air is not a calculable benefit.

culture-war leftists: any Dem who wants to play the race card, the war-on-women card, the gun control etc. Any issue that threatens the Tea Party is called part of “the culture war,” and thus intended to be “taken off the table.”

economic know- nothings: anyone who wants to regulate the free market, the banks, the insurance companies, Big Pharm, etc. Also, anyone who wants to raise taxes on the rich.

House leader: a Speaker who takes directions from the Freedom Caucus. More of a follower than a leader.

inequality: solely caused by the successes of our millionaires and billionaires. A temporary condition caused by hard work and entrepreneurial guile. Anyone shouting “inequality” simply disrespects success.

Pander bears: Dems offering the poor “free stuff”.

personal responsibility: blaming the government. The more vociferously someone goes on about “personal responsibility,” the more that obsessively that person blames government for all the country’s woes.

Presidential veto: a frustration

the rich: the middle class–the ones Dems really want to tax.

utopianism:  any species of idealism. Since inequality, poverty, war, and guns will never go away, attempts to regulate them or ameliorate their impact are delusional and naive.

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