Glossary: Key memes, dog-whistles, canards, euphemisms and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, August 22-28, 2015

affirmative action President: any woman or person of color elected President. Always elected by “victim groups.” After all, America belongs to the white man.

all-of-the-above: going all-in with every possible aggression (boycotts, weapon systems and missile shields, airstrikes, etc.) when it comes to dealing with Putin or the Iranians, In regards to energy policy, all forms of fossil fuel extraction (fracking, coal, etc)–or even nuclear power. When you’re not in power, it’s easy to say “let’s try everything,” as if discriminating among them or facing nuances, blowback etc. is too difficult.

ashamed to be Americans: Obama supporters. This dog-whistle phrase manages to combine nativism, racism, xenophobia, and aggressive militarism.

Citizens United: one dollar, one vote. The old promise of “one man, one vote” has been eclipsed as, on the one hand, billionaires now buy votes and spread hysteria in bulk via attack ads, and, on the other hand, voting rights are consistently diminished by new state laws and restrictions on early voting, voting registration, voter i.d., etc. These voting restrictions have been greatly enhanced by Citizens United because voting is now politicized, and money trumps any fundamental human right to vote.

European future: the worst possible outcome for America: socialism, progressivism, strict environmental and civil rights laws, single-payer health care, etc.

“fairness”: always in scare quotes, connoting what a contrived, phony issue inequality is. At the heart of the “equal opportunity” vs “equal outcome” dichotomy.

honor and dignity: what Black folks really want, according to Ben Carson. Not any guv’ment handouts or entitlements. All federal support for the poor just extends their victimhood. Social services and charities only create shame and a loss of character and any self-reliance. Note that this rhetorical shift changes the script from race to morality, which itself is seen as antiseptically “raceless.”

lavish: what  Obama does when he offers favors or a White House dinner. For instance, he will “lavish” the Chinese leadership with a State dinner.

mob of supporters: any Hillary supporters, always characterized as a nefarious “mob”–that is, conspiratorial, single-minded in their fanaticism (and otherwise mindless), and worked into a frenzy by  a manipulative leader.

on-your-knees pilgrimage: any visit by Obama or senior administration officials to any nation that does not kowtow to America, including, but not limited to, Iran, China, Saudi Arabia and France. Any Presidential concession is also considered a surrender. Obama’s non-stop “apology tour” has of course has surrendered almost all America’s global influence and power, lost at least two wars, etc.

original US citizens: white folks, especially nativists of European ancestry.

purveyors of hatred: people who insist on talking about race.

religious liberty: denying service to someone else, in the name of God.

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