Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, phrases and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Dec. 10-13, 2014

acolytes: followers of Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Feinstein.

animal spirits: what an unfettered free market, through its “unseen hand”, always sets free. Elizabeth Warren-type critics of the financial sector should just “get out of the way”. Too bad these “animal spirits” so often seem to revert to “the law of the jungle”.

deceptions, derelictions, and disasters: the natural history of the Obama administration.

divisive rhetoric: any Dem or social activist polemic; GOTP discourse, on the other hand, is “realistic” “common sense”.

Dodd-Frank passion play: part of the ridiculing of Elizabeth Warren, framed as a rhetorical attack on her basic financial acumen, her histrionics, and the “false narrative” that derivatives and other hedged financial instruments caused the financial meltdown. The real culprits, of course, were easy money and unscrupulous, freeloading borrowers.

exquisite moral experiment: what Charles Krauthammer calls any post-9/11 interrogation techniques that didn’t include torture. His argument seems to be that after 9/11 America didn’t have the luxury of morality.

(a) fair-minded inquiry: what you get when the GOTP gets to ask and answer the questions and frame the issues. When the Dems do so, it’s called a “prosecutor’s brief”.

femsplaining: according to GOTP rhetoric, this is the tactic used by feminists to justify charges of rape, even if their facts are wrong or missing. In femsplaining, the ends (social justice) justify the means–guilt by association, innuendo, unsubstantiated charges, etc.

lawfare (vs. warfare): the pacificism you end up with if you let the UN or the International Court of Human Rights adjudicate all international disputes. This is a bad thing because evil and the will to power will raise their ugly heads (see Putin, Vladimir), mocking the rule of law. “Law” replaces “courage,” “honor” and “duty”.This is another false dichotomy, of course.

mandates: always burdensome; a pejorative way to define laws: all Dem public policy as coercion and naked power grabs. Just let the states do what they want and accountability and transparency just magically emerge.

mob rule: political protests, except when it’s the Tea Party, who engage in grassroots political action.

politics of the second guess: as in the case of post- 9/11 torture, never explain, never apologize.any criticism of Cheney/Bush or of the GOP past. The question the GOTP asks is “What Does the Past Matter?” Instead of analyzing history, we are told to show “restraint”. i.e. silence.

raceaholics: those who “talk about race”.

rectal rehydration: ’nuff said. Even the torture apologists had trouble justifying this one, tjhough one GOTP lawmaker called this “the definition of an American hero”.

social arsonist: Al Sharpton.

urban racial cultural problems: coincidentally,  also Al Sharpton. This meme casts a wide net ensnaring “black on black violence,” “welfare queens,” “the takers vs. the maker,” Moynihan’s “a culture of poverty,” and all attendant manifestations of black “depravity”. Them black folks are forever bein’ a “problem”. The opposite of “urban racial cultural problems” and “civilized urban life”.

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