Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, euphemisms, sneers, innuendos, and metanarratives in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, September 11-24, 2014

against social democracy: by the logic of this argument, advocates of social equity, safety nets, etc are actually elitists, pushing their agenda of  “big guv’mnt” onto the majority of Americans who reject it.

apologist: any Obama administration spokesperson or defender.

fathomless ignorance: best personified by Barack Obama.

freedom fighters: secessionists,  Tea Partiers, libertarians, gun nuts, fundamentalist Christians

hubris: the by-product of naive liberal redistributionist philosophy- a cult of innocents.

liturgies of absolution: any defense of the lazy poor, social safety net programs, etc. Akin to “apologists” (see above).

nostalgia: what fuels naive Obama foreign policy–a yearning for a lost world of harmony and pluralism.

occupying army: any government workers.

resentment: what fuels the “takers” in their sponging off the “makers”.

soft underbelly: the US-Mexico border. Always said to be “porous”. A known conduit for Al Qaeda, ebola, bird flu, polio, Isis, and, lately, ISIS. The surest invasion path for forces that “want to drown us in our own blood”.

steady hand: what we needed to prevent “squandering” our glorious victory in in Iraq. Related meme: “if only if we had kept 10,000 troops there,” presumably in perpetuity.

tax-and-spend-and regulate: the worst kind of Dem dogma. Imagine, people who actually want to govern. What, exactly, does Tea Party orthodoxy offer as an alternative to taxing, spending and regulating?

violation of democratic norms: any government regulation, especially anything coming out of the EPA.

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