Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, euphemisms, sneers, and innuendos in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, April 4-11, 2014

collectivist: the opposite of “American,” according to Charles Koch.  Wonder where that “We, the People” stuff came from?

confiscatory tax policy: redistribution of capital returns rather than wider distribution of capital ownership. (The latter, of course, an ever-elusive panacea).

disincentives:  Anything that doesn’t promote individual rights or private property. Any form of social solidarity or democratic structures. Any regulations, taxes, notions of common property or resources, or public utilities.

economic growth: the best environmental policy; the best social safety net policy; the fastest way to social justice; the best rationale for tax cuts.

the gaystopo: see also, “thought crime,” “totalitarian liberalism”.

indoctrination: college courses, especially in the humanities an social sciences.

moral clout: super-aggressive foreign policy.

obsession: any principles of Democrats: inequality, social justice, environmental protection, women’s rights and equal pay, gay rights, racism.

playing politics: what the losing side on a policy issue always accuses the winning side of doing.

Soviet-style repression: what the supposedly clueless and limp Obama administration is also somehow said to be capable of. (see also, “totalitarian liberalism”). Yup, Obama’s Amerika is exactly like the Soviet Union, except no one is jailed for political dissent, the economy has little or no central planning, we are not annexing any surrounding countries, and the government does not control the media. Believe me, we’ll all know totalitarianism long before we actually get it.

totalitarian liberalism: a near-cousin of “Soviet-style repression”.  See also, “thought crime,” The New Intolerance.


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