Glossary: an anatomy of key memes, phrases and obsessions in the Wall Street Journal and other GOP language factories, Nov. 9-12

bungling: anything related to the design or implementation of the ACA. Aka “blunder,” “sucker punch,” or “national embarrassment”. Also applies to all foreign policy initiatives, especially in Syria and Iran.

carrots: called “incentives” when offered by the GOP, and “bribes” when offered by Dems.

leverage: in foreign policy, what follows from any concession or compromise. So, for example, scaling back on sanctions on Iran only gives them “leverage” to continue to develop nuclear weapons.

Messrs: always derogatory; meant to demean and deflate, as in “Messrs Obama and Kerry”.

pack: what the Dems attempt to do with the courts with any judicial nominee.

political control: the underlying motivation for all Obama foreign and domestic policy: nothing is anything other than a cynical political tactic to gain the upper hand politically.

reform: always related to cuts or restrictions “Tax reform”= tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy; “entitlement reform” = Social Security and Medicare cuts, “immigration reform” means few if any “paths to citizenship”.

unconditional: the core of GOP foreign policy. Make no concessions to anyone even remotely connected to terrorists or jihadis. Closely related to “resolve”: never surrender, never apologize.

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