Parallel Republican Universes: Hyperbolic and Counter-Intuitive Claims, Myths and Canards 3/1/13—3/13/13

“Indeed, the Obama modus operandi is based on a familiar constant over his time in the public eye: His “nontraditional,” post-racial persona, his youth, his teleprompted eloquence, and his spell over the media have convinced him that he can talk, pout, and tantrum his way to out-pointing others in lieu of concrete achievement. The thrill is found not so much in successful compromise as in perpetual acrimony and division. Think up a fantasy us/them wedge issue — millions of assault weapons slaughtering the nation’s youth, Latinos being deported while buying ice cream, the seas soon to lap over our cities, gay couples hounded by homophobic reactionaries, a nation of African-American victims like Trayvon Martin and Professor Gates in need of editorial support, the parents of tens of millions of children without sufficient food stamps or unemployment and disability insurance, planes falling out of the sky for want of federal air-traffic controllers — and then demonize the opposition, hit the campaign trail, and finally, exhausted, end up relaxing and golfing with the nation’s plutocrats and celebrities — until the next round of us/them theatrics..” Victor David Hanson, National Review, 3/13/13
Obama picked the weakest possible candidates—Hegel, Brennan, Lew—“in order to force Republicans to oppose them and thus earn the wages of ‘obstructionism’”. National Review, 3/13/13
A carbon tax would actually increase emissions by exporting jobs to China Red State, 3/13/13
“The tax increases are everywhere on the Democrat agenda. Never you mind that they have no intention of even trying to balance revenues against expenditures. They intend to grab the revenues. They intend to grab the power over your life that the revenues will give them. The Democrats are after your wallet by any methodology they can use to horn in on its contents… [you will lose] your ability to make volitional decisions that will impact your own life”. Red State, 3/13/13
“the dangers of the homosexual movement and why some of its members seem prone to violence, terror and “treason” Proposed Accuracy In Media panel at CPAC
If Obama succeeds in maneuvering the Republicans into positions that cause them to lose control of the House of Representatives in the 2014 elections, then as a president who never has to face the voters again, he would be in an ideal position to create a big spending liberals’ heaven.But it will be far from heaven for the economy, with Obama-appointed bureaucrats burying businesses in red tape and job-killing costs, while expanding the size and arbitrary powers of government. We could become the world’s largest banana republic. Thomas Sowell, Real Clear Politics, 3/5/13
The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) increases the death rates from domestic abuse by making women less reluctant to call the police. “The best way to protect women..from domestic violence would be to encourage more women to marry” Mona Charen, Real Clear Politics, 3/5/13
VAWA, free contraceptives, suspended deportation, agitation against Voter ID laws—all part of Obama’s “permanent campaign” Mona Charen, Real Clear Politics, 3/5/13
“taxes are a drag on everything, a killer of the spirit of guts and endeavor..muscle, efficiency…confidence…Obamacare is why people are being laid off…Obama plans “little spring shots of doom” Peggy Noonan, WSJ, 3/8/13

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