Obama Unfettered or Obama In Retreat?

The Journal has lately had a divided mind when it comes to President Obama. In foreign policy he is all about “retrenchment” and appeasement, but in economic and domestic policy he is now “unfettered” and relentlessly pursuing his aims of “destroying the House” in 2014 and being on a redistributionist rampage.

Obama, after all,  wants to “extend and entrench entitlements into the daily expectations of the middle class–from cradle to college to health care during the working years to retirement and then the grave,” in the process “reorienting the private economy to finance income redistribution”.

These two faces of Obama merge once the Journal helps you realize that he is cutting back on defense and a Pax Americana strategy in order to fund his redistributionist endgame.

Other bizarro moments in the Journal’s recent editorials: mocking any idea of protecting homeowners from default (homeowners now characterized as expecting a “free roof”); rooting for the AIG lawsuit against the federal government for the government’s audacity to save AIG from bankruptcy (aka, the “vague concept of systemic risk”); and the born-again discovery of shortcomings in the mental health system.

Gun politics indeed makes for strange bedfellows.Turning unaccountably pro-government and all considerate & caring, the Journal now wants to enhance mental health provision, after championing the decimation of it along with the entire social safety net for at least the last twenty years. (Mental health being one of the many babies drowned in Grover Norquist’s fiscal bathtub).   Anything to change the subject from guns.

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