Glossary: November/December, 2012

Based on Wall Street Journal editorials, Nov. 7–December 7, 2012. The Journal persists as one of the primary generators and and enforcers of Republican rhetorical orthodoxy:

accountability: kryptonite to all teachers

agenda: any policies or proposals put forth by the Democrats (see also “plan”). Democrats always have a furtiveness about them, ulterior motives, a secret agenda

American prosperity: “letting business exploit as many opportunities as possible”. See also: “self-sufficiency” and “human dignity”

blackmailing: what the EPA does to ensure compliance with federal pollution laws

campaigning:  whenever President Obama makes a speech or argues for a position or law. Anything he promotes is part of his “social and political agenda”. (See also “governing”)

clean water: a liberal pretext for regulating fracking

coercion: all government regulation the Republicans don’t approve of

distortion: what happens when the government interferes with the “free market,” which is envisoned as a perfect, charmed circle, destructively “distorted” by government

economic growth: what happens “when government gets out of the way”. Government is “the greatest threat” to economic growth

fairness: the Democrats’ word for envy. Kryptonite to “growth”

governing:  what Congressional Republicans do when they make a speech or argue for a position or law.   (see also: “campaigning”)

higher taxes: the Democrats’ “secular religion”

human dignity: maintained by doing what you want, whenever you want. Best flourishes in the free market; is fundamentally eroded by government

liberals: “class warriors”

natural gas: the rise of this has “done more to reduce carbon dioxide emissions than has the Kyoto Protocol”

Obamacare: stalking horse for the “liberal entitlement dream”, with its ultimate goal of single-payer health care

plan: any policy or proposal put forth by the Republicans. Always presumed to be “reasonable”.

ram, bludgeon, pound on, demonize: what Democrats do to try to pass laws. Republicans, on the other hand, always “compromise” and “negotiate”. Harry Reid is called “the capo”

re-engineering: Any ideas for social or political reform that come from the Democrats. Always pejorative in a  kind of Burkean way that distrusts social change

regulators: must always be described as “hyperactive” and as “job killers”

risk taking: the driver of innovation and the beating heart of the free market. What “entrepreneurs” do. Democratic innovations (such as encouraging alternative energy industries)  are called “boondoggles,” “crony capitalism” or “the dreamland of so many government subsidies and mandates”

school choice: “the great civil rights issue of our era”

self sufficiency: the natural state of man: homo economicus. From Wikepedia:  “In economics, homo economicus, or economic human, is the concept in many economic theories of humans as rational and narrowly self-interested actors who have the ability to make judgments toward their subjectively defined ends. Using these rational assessments, homo economicus attempts to maximize utility as a consumer and economic profit as a producer.This theory stands in contrast to the concept of homo reciprocans, which states that human beings are primarily motivated by the desire to be cooperative and to improve their environment”.

teachers’ unions: “the Evil Empire”; intent on “stealing our kids’ futures”

unions: always refer to as “Big Labor”

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